Our Mission

Foundation DART is an organization that helps to change girls’ lives in Tanzania. We strongly believe that education is the door to freedom and a chance of a bright future for all girls. Foundation DART is ready to support the young girls to its capacity and ability with the help of Tanzania.

Foundation DART has a vision – having girls in Mwanza, Tanzania and the community these girls live in living in good livelihoods.

Many girls in Tanzania do not have a very bright future. They have to deal with abuse, verbal and physical. They are not being educated, have problems with relationships and they have no voice. This is not how the lives of these girls should be. These girls need to feel good about themselves and have a voice to be able to brighten their future.

Foundation DART has a mission – to facilitate, empower and build capacity of these girls and their community on social-economic, traditional and cultural aspects.

This will be achieved by educating these young girls to make them more confident so that they can stand up for themselves and can see a better future prospective. We strive to give them the knowledge en tools they need to help their future generations.

The idea – Foundation DART is a non-profit organization that is determined to help young girls in Tanzania. Teach girls to stand up for themselves, that they are equal to their brothers and any other citizens, teach them to protect themselves form HIV and AIDS, teach them to provide for themselves. Foundation DART wishes to achieve this by:

  • raising funds for the education of young girls
  • educating girls. Teaching them: English, about human rights, about health, computer lessons, about agriculture, cooking, sports, small business skills and sewing/tailoring.
  • Giving these girls a chance to study for a profession so that they van help the development of their community of even the country Tanzania in the future.


The main goal – is to educate young girls in Tanzania so that they can provide for themselves and future generations.
Foundation DART wishes to achieve this by teaching the girls the English language, about health issues, human rights, agriculture, sewing and about technology (computer lessons).

Target audience –Foundation DART focuses on young girls in the age of 10 to 20. The girls are divided in two groups, young adolescents 10-14 and young women 15-20.


The DART house

This is the house where young girls are offered education and shelter. The girls go to the DART house two days a week. On Wednesdays after school and on Saturdays. Because the girls are now attending school, the DART house mainly offers extra classes like English and practical lessons.