Foundation DART joins in the fight against COVID-19

What a crazy year it has been so far. The coronavirus has impacted the world in such a big way. Things at Foundation DART have been very different as well. The government closed schools earlier this year and our founder Dorocella wasn’t able to return to Tanzania from the Netherlands. This is why the activities at Foundation DART were put on hold for a short period. Thankfully our girls are back in school for a while now, Dorocella is back and we are all healthy!

To make sure our girls are well informed about the coronavirus, the dangers, how to protect yourself and others we invited Doctor Khalid from Kilombelo Hospital. Thank you so much for educating our girls.

Doctor Khalid from Kilombelo Hospital education our girls about COVID-19

The first project set up this year is all about joining in the fight against COVID-19. Our government requires every family in Tanzania to wash their hands well before leaving home and when returning. Unfortunately something as simple as washing your hands is not possible for everyone due to a lack of running water. Not everyone can afford to buy a bucket and soap. This is why Foundation DART has made sure all girls and their families have buckets and soap to protect themselves and the community.

The girls in our sewing programme have been working on the second project. They have been making face masks and now all the girls and their families own a mask.