Foundation DART cooks for 300 people

What an amazing opportunity! Our girls really got to show off their skills because we got to cook for 300 people during an EQWIP HUBs event. EQWIP HUBs provides international volunteer opportunities for Canadians, currently volunteering at Chuo Cha Mipango in Mwanza. On Saturday, June 9th a panel discussion was organised to discuss the issues around innovation and youth businesses in Mwanza. To try and identify key issues and come up with possible solutions. Dorocella, founder of Foundation DART, was invited to join this panel discussion and asked to make food for 300 people visiting this event. Wauw, what a wonderful experience for our girls who did very well! We thank EQWIP HUBs and Chuo Cha Mipango for believing in us.