DART house experience

Suyesha visited Foundation DART during her trip in Tanzania. We always enjoy having visitors from all over the world visiting our Foundation, this way the girls get to experience different cultures and people. Suyesha was willing to share her experience and her photos with our readers, which is wonderful! Thank you Suyesha!

DART house experience – Suyesha Sthapit (Nepal):
“I was visiting Tanzania, looking to connect with people creating positive impact. I had been travelling in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and went on safari, the usual. I was supposed to take a bus from Arusha to Mwanza, when my bus simply didn’t show up that morning. I was told that I could take a different bus, and change at another city and reach Mwanza in reasonable time. Not according to plan, I had to wait several hours at the other city so by the time I actually reached Mwanza, it was almost 1 am. Luckily, I had spoken with Dorocella earlier, and she sent someone to pick me up from the bus stop. What a relief. I felt immediately at home at the DART Foundation. The next few days in Mwanza were phenomenal. It became my favourite city thanks to Dorocella. We talked about parenthood, living in Europe, the challenges of being connected to many places, how to create change, how to measure impact, good food and how making mistakes is really ok. She introduced me to some really cool girls from the Foundation. Although I didn’t speak much Swahili and most of the girls are still working hard on improving their English, we connected through posing for each others’ photos, going hiking up the nearby hill, warding off unwanted comments, and sharing some mango juice. It’s funny how our different kinds of hair was the most fascinating thing. When I met Dorocella again, we went shopping for the most exotic (for me) fruits and vegetables. She made the most delicious dishes of mashed banana, fish and vegetables. Forgive me for I’ve forgotten the name of dishes. Through this experience, I got to witness the difference Dorocella is making. Through¬†Foundation¬†DART, there are many women who’ve engaged in income-generating projects. Using their traditional skills, they’ve opened a restaurant at a prime location, they’ve tailored cool products and the girls are improving their academics. I hope Dorocella continues this work to empower girls and women to conquer their own lives.”